Welcome to playteachers – The home of school role play!

Hands up if you love to playteachers… ask this question to any group of children and loads of hands shoot for the sky. Kids love to pretend play school… especially when they’re the teachers.

What is playteachers?

playteachers is a role play game which gives children ages 4-10 years the opportunity to create their very own mini classroom and pretend play teacher:

  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Builds confidence
  • Develops speaking and listening skills
  • Is perfect for a mini teacher-to-be

Pretend play is so much fun with our playteachers packs, which allow imaginations to run wild as kids create their own school using props including a teacher’s register, cut out timetable, wipe away charts and certificates.

Playteachers can be played with friends, family, dolls and teddies or even the pet cat!

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